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Mathematical Games

Our Mathematical Educational Games help your children with mental alertness and attentiveness, focus when given a task and to be proactive, as well as, have the ability to pay attention to details

Communication Games

Our Communication Educational Games induce children to read. They help to develop the skill of reading English words and awaken children’s interest in new words. They also improve word formation skills and mental alertness of children

Creativity Games

Our Creativity Educational Games help to develop intelligence, creativity, imagination, problem solving and colour depiction. They expose children to various kinds of designs, shapes, puzzles, crafts, etc. that improve improve hand-eye coordination

Wooden Games

Our Wooden Educational Games are durable and eco-friendly and made with sturdy wood sourced from environmentally sustainable forest. They develop and inspire imagination, visual and attention abilities, increase creative thinking, as well as, teach colour, shapes and pictures recognition to children.

edugames solution

We are a Child Development Organisation, with interest in intellectual development of children between the ages of 3 and 10, with the use of Educational Games, in Nigeria

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