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Gophers’ Maze


It can help children to be better in basic mathematical skills (Addition and subtraction)

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Gophers’ Maze is a unique multilayer race game. The players gather provisions and move from one field to another through special secret passages. The game is unbelievably fascinating and surprising with the added advantage of acting as learning aid for basic mathematical skills (Addition and subtraction)

Gophers are awake after a long winter sleep, and they are hungry! It’s time to go in search of provisions stored in long and winding lairs. The labyrinths are long, there are six levels with hidden creepholes, but the gophers forgot where they stored the grains and other food. Only hardcode weasels will be able to find the supplies.

It helps children to:

  • Be better in basic mathematical skills (Addition and subtraction)
  • Improve alertness

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